Access Control Systems

Card Access - Card Key

Card keys are presented to a reader, and access is either granted (door unlocks) or denied. All transactions are recorded on the central computer's database indefinitely. Cardholders are easily added or removed from the system. Systems can be integrated with video recorders and badging software for visual and electronic verification of the cardholder. Systems can be used for doors, gates, elevators, secure drawers and cabinets, and also for asset tracking.

Top Tech Designs, Inc


Biometric Systems - Fingerprint, Retina, or Hand Geometry

Biometric systems work in much the same way as the card system. Users present a fingerprint, retina (eye), or hand to the scanner to gain access instead of cards.

Video Surveillance – Top Tech Designs Inc. has been providing digital IP surveillance systems for more than 10 years. We were early adopters of IP and HD video surveillance systems. We have seen the technology grow from a few locations to now being the standard in surveillance systems.


Restricted Keys

As part of a comprehensive access system, we recommend that our customers employ either high security or restricted-use hard keys, such as Medeco, ASSA, or Schlage Primus systems. 

These keys cannot be duplicated without the proper credentials and identification to go along with the request.


Top Tech Designs services and installs access and locking systems from the following manufacturers and more: